Shortlist Spotlight

Unveiling the Achievements of BOSS Award Finalists in Dealer Excellence and Independent Retailer Categories

17 Nov 2023
by Jack Massey

Introducing the Finalists

Discover the compelling success narratives of our esteemed finalists in the Dealer Excellence and Independent Retailer categories. They generously share insights into their businesses, detailing their remarkable growth, achievements, and the significance of being nominated for a prestigious BOSS award.

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BOSS Dealer Excellence Award 2023 Criteria

Our Dealer Excellence candidates were required to undergo an evaluation based on specific criteria. They had to present a thorough understanding of their business origins and evolutionary journey. Additionally, candidates needed to provide a detailed overview of their operating model, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of their business operations. The assessment also focused on how these candidates described their strategies for maximising growth opportunities, ensuring customer loyalty through evidence-based methods, and outlining measures taken to identify and capture potential spending. Moreover, the inclusion of customer testimonials to support their applications was an essential aspect of the evaluation process.
Meet the Finalists
You can view the articles from each successful candidate by clicking their company logos below. 
ACS Group
Don Ruffles


Office Sense
Skylight Office Supplies
Supplies Web


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BOSS Independent Retailer Award 2023 Criteria

Independent Retailer Award candidates underwent a comprehensive evaluation based on various criteria. Their effectiveness in attracting sales growth through in-store merchandising was closely examined, with a focus on the strategies employed. Additionally, the assessment included a thorough review of customer feedback to gauge the level of satisfaction and excellence in customer relations. Candidates were also judged based on their initiatives to promote their businesses to the public, showcasing their commitment to visibility and community engagement. The evaluation considered the steps taken by candidates to maximise profits, assessing the soundness of their financial strategies. The positive impact of the business within the community, as evidenced by community engagement, was another vital aspect of the assessment. Lastly, candidates were evaluated on their ability to demonstrate a robust and distinctive company brand, reflecting the overall image and identity of their independent retail enterprises.
Meet the Finalists
You can view the articles from each successful candidate by clicking their company logos below. 
Creative Cove
JPS Stationers
Stationery Supplies



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