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BOSS Insurance Services is an insurance and risk management service exclusive to BOSS members. From Employment Practices Liability to Business Interruption, Professional Indemnity to Trade Credit, the range of our insurance cover is vast. This means whatever the nature of your business, we can help you protect it. We’ll explain in simple, concise terms, what different insurance products cover and why you might need them. We’ll get to know you and your business to understand its risks and advise you on the most suitable cover to mitigate them.

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With BOSS, you gain access to a diverse portfolio of pension plans designed to maximise savings and ensure a comfortable retirement. Whether you're a business owner looking to set up a pension scheme for your employees or an individual seeking to build your personal retirement fund, BOSS Federation has you covered. Our pension offerings include defined contribution plans, self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), and more.

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When key people in your business fall ill, you’ll naturally want to give them the best chance of a speedy recovery. To help with this process, we offer a unique health insurance scheme. Our bulk buying power has ensured that this scheme delivers competitive rates with a wide ranging scope of benefits. Research has shown that the provision of private health schemes for staff can reduce absenteeism and promote a faster recuperation following illness. Private health insurance is also a cost-effective and valued employee benefit, which helps to create an attractive employee package for current and prospective recruits.

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