BOSS lobby government on issues that matter to our industry. We strive to inspire better decision making in our sector and provide businesses with trusted and accurate information by tracking trends, providing headline facts and figures, and carrying out benchmarking surveys.

We represent the industry to Government, take the lead in developing industry standards, and track the trends, publishing key facts and figures and helping you navigate them, so you can make the informed plans your business needs to stay ahead of the game.

Here’s how we do it:


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We want to inspire better decision making in our industry.

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BOSS monitors the political agenda on your behalf and identifies any potential threats or challenges to the industry.

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Webinars (BOSS Talks)

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Structure of the Industry

Our industry has grown over the years from covering traditional stationery items to encompassing office furniture, computer supplies and accessories, facilities, workwear and a whole host of products that businesses need.

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