BOSS monitors the political agenda on your behalf and identifies any potential threats or challenges to the industry.

We are regularly consulted by Government on the formulation of public policy.

Our Policy & Public Affairs Committee aims to influence developments, prioritise issues, set the agenda and gain understanding to share with our members.

  • We keep you abreast of political updates and initiatives via monthly lobbying updates.
  • We facilitate connecting you with decision makers and having your voice heard.
  • We help organise MP a visits to your workplace where you can share your feedback on a personal level.
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Lobbying Update

BOSS publish monthly lobbying updates which are available for members to download.

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Consultations & Representations

BOSS is regularly consulted by the Government regarding the formulation of public policy.

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Policy & Public Affairs Committee

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Meet your MP

We are always looking for ways to connect our members with the country's decision-makers.

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BOSS provided members with lots of advice and support on issues relating to Brexit.

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Public Affairs