Legal Plus

Have instant access to our Legal Team at any time by adding our "Legal Plus" service to your membership, without worrying about the costs racking up every time you pick up the phone.

Legal Plus, is an enhanced level of membership, offering Employment and Commercial Legal Services - like having your own in-house lawyer for a fixed annual subscription. 

Including assistance with: 
  • TUPE
  • Dealing with Senior Executives
  • Supply Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements


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What's included at Legal Plus? 


Preliminary telephone legal advice on commercial matters (included in Platinum subscription)


Full advice and representation at Employment Tribunals (included in Platinum subscription)

Employment Law Seminars

Ensuring you are kept up to date and at the forefront of lesiglation changes and best practice 

Notification of important legal developments

You will be the first to hear of important legal developments that could affect your business, and offered guidance and support. 

Intellectual property (IP)

Support with IP including copyright, trademarks, patents, designs. 

Contract disputes

Our team will help you to reach a resolution should a contract dispute arise, so you can get back to the important stuff. 


TUPE stands for a Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) and happens when an organisation, or part of it, is transferred to a new provider. We'll help you manage this in a timely manner. 

Dealing with Senior Executives

We'll help you manage any complexities in all areas of Legal best practice, including dealing with Senior Execs 

Retention of title

Support with a retention of title clause, a provision in a contract which allows the seller to retain title to goods until an invoice has been paid. 

Supply Agreements

Assistance with written legal agreements between a business and a supplier 

Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA's)

Assistance with creating Non-disclosure Agreemnts, a legally binding contract to establish a condientail relationship. 

Bespoke employment contracts

Support with contracts that may require to be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, drafted by our experts. 

Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement can be used by both sides in a dispute to resolve a problem or end employment, we can support you through this stage. 

Customer Disputes

In the event of an customer dispute, rest assured our team are on hand to guide you through the process.

Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covennat in employment prevent employees from competing with a business after employment ends, a clause that prevents an individual from joining a competitor for a specific time.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of passing control of your business to others, this could be for any reason and our team can assist you in any action you plan to take. 

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholders' agreements are contracts between some or all shareholders of a company. This will usually contain provisions requiring Directors and Shareholders keep confidential all amtters relating to company business. 

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How else can our Legal team help?

Legal – Employment Disputes Protection Insurance.jpg

Employment Disputes Protection Insurance

Insurance Cover for legal costs and settlement awards in the event of an employment dispute

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Consultancy Services

In addition to our membership support packages, there is also legal consultancy services available to all of our members. This means that you can access additional legal expertise and support as and when you need it, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your business is operating within the law at all times.


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