ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Responsible environmental policy is good for the planet, and for your business

The body of legislation compelling companies to operate effective environmental management is continuing to grow. 

But even apart from legal requirements, sound environmental policies make good sense. Increasingly, customers, suppliers and employees expect businesses to be eco-aware. A growing number of end users demand that their suppliers are Chain of Custody certified, FSC or PEFC accredited, for instance. Demonstrating your green credentials can help you retain customers, win new ones and attract the best people to work with. And by minimising waste and reducing energy consumption, you save money and become more efficient.

Our environmental experts will provide all the support you need to implement the processes and practices necessary to reach one or more Environmental Standards – the best way of underlining your commitment in this area. We will review your existing systems, then design and put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) tailored to your needs. Your EMS will support you to meet the requirements of BS8555 or ISO 14001:2015, however to implement the standard does disrupt your daily work (as extra work is required). We can also help you achieve Chain of Custody certification.  ISO 14001: 2015 helps users become more aware of the business environment in which they are working and so build resilience. As of September 2018 ISO 14001:2004 will be non-compliant to the ISO standards. 

We also offer an environmental healthcheck: this will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the findings, recommending improvements and prioritising actions. In addition, we can provide an environmental briefing for managers or supervisors, on-site or at an open course; and we offer training as a core part of our EMS support.


What is involved?

Depending on your needs, our support can include:

  • Reviewing your current systems and practices 
  • Recommending improvements to achieve compliance and standards
  • Providing training and other programmes
  • State-of-the-art software tailored to your business
  • Training and coaching on internal auditing
  • Being present during the external assessment

Benefits to your Business

Our Environmental Management Support can help your business:

  • Comply with legislation
  • Institute best practice
  • Train and motivate your workforce
  • Support tendering
  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Contribute to environment improvement
  • Save money by minimising waste and energy consumption


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