25 Jan 2024
by Jack Massey

BOSS Member ACS Group Brave Chilly Night for Bradford Bulls Big Sleep Out

ACS Group braved the elements at Odsal Stadium for a night of solidarity and fundraising in support of West Yorkshire charities. Read on to learn about their impactful experience and their commitment to making a difference in their local community

Last Friday night, ACS Group employees huddled together amidst freezing temperatures at Odsal Stadium, Bradford, for a remarkable cause. They embarked on a night of sleeping rough to raise funds for four esteemed West Yorkshire charities: Focus4Hope, CALDERDALE SMARTMOVE LTD, Homeless Not Hopeless, and The Bradford Bulls Foundation.

Battling temperatures as low as 3 degrees Celsius, with biting winds exacerbating the chill, the ACS team showcased unwavering resilience and camaraderie. Their experience, albeit a mere glimpse into the daily struggles of the homeless, left a profound impact on all participants. Witnessing the collective support from the community was nothing short of heartening.

This event marked the second consecutive year the Bradford Bulls organised this initiative, and this year's fundraising efforts surpassed the previous year's total, underscoring the growing momentum and support behind this cause.


Funds Raised and Donation Link

As of now, ACS has successfully raised £4,004.50 (inclusive of gift aid), surpassing their initial target of £4,000. The overall funds raised for the event, as of Monday, exceeded £13,000. To contribute to this noble cause, visit the donation link: ACS Big Sleepover 2024


ACS's Commitment to Support

Bracing the harsh elements at Odsal Stadium offered ACS members a deep insight into the daily challenges experienced by the homeless community. Their pride in making a meaningful difference in the local community, through both fundraising and awareness-raising endeavours, was unmistakable. Furthermore, they expressed admiration for the selfless volunteers from the participating charities, whose unwavering efforts are devoted to assisting the homeless.

"A humbling and cold experience sums it up perfectly. Our team's commitment to making a positive impact on our local community reflects the genuine care and compassion we share for those in need. Witnessing the collective effort to create positive change reinforces our belief that success goes beyond business achievements – it's about the meaningful impact we have on the lives of others."
Martine Box, Head of Sales

Martine Box, Head of Sales

ACS Group


Gratitude and Future Participation

The ACS Group extends sincere thanks to the Bradford Bulls for graciously hosting the event. They also express appreciation for all individuals and charities involved in organising the night, which proved to be a resounding success. Looking ahead, ACS eagerly anticipates participating in future editions of this impactful event.

ACS is proud to sponsor both the men's and women's teams of the Bradford Bulls this season, and emphasize that their primary focus remains on supporting charitable causes. For more information on their partnership with the Bradford Bulls, refer to their press release: Bradford Bulls Sponsorship Press Release

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