Managing Absence

Focus of the day

The day will focus on the challenges of managing attendance;  identifying cause(s) of absences; enabling managers to deal with them; support the employee; deter casual absences; establish if attendance is likely to improve; identify any workplace problems; improve morale and motivation with employees; reduce absenteeism; and costs to increase productivity. 

What will be covered

  • An understanding of the importance of monitoring and measuring staff absence
  • An awareness of the benefits of ‘Return-to-Work Interviews’
  • An awareness of the relevant legislation and how to avoid discrimination Equality Act 2010
  • An appreciation of the line manager’s role in dealing with absence
  • The skills to help them identify the appropriate and correct procedures to facilitate an early return to work

Who is the course for

Anyone who is a team leader, supervisor or manager, or any of which wanting to brush up on experience and the understanding of managing absence to improve costs and productivity with the workforce.