04 Sep 2023
by Liz Whyte

Office Friendly Grant Scheme Launched

Dealer group and member co-operative, Office Friendly, have announced the launch of their latest initiative, a unique business grant scheme for its shareholder members. The scheme sees them making funds of up to £100,000 available exclusively for the groups’ shareholder members to utilise for the investment and expansion of their businesses.

Office Friendly’s Managing Director, Jeanette Bresitz, said: “At Office Friendly, we’re all about empowering our members to be more successful in their business and consequently strengthening our already thriving community. The Office Friendly board were keen to find creative ways to make the groups central funds work harder than ever so allocating £100,000 in year 1 to our business grants scheme gives shareholder members access to additional funds to future-proof and make advancements in their businesses.”

The Office Friendly Business Grants are ‘match-funded’ – meaning that Office Friendly will invest up to 50% of the funding needed to support their members in pursuing new developments or infrastructure dedicated to accelerating business growth.

” To make the funds stretch as far as possible across our membership there is a maximum grant value per application, which is reviewed by designated members of the Office Friendly Team and Board.” Jeanette added: “We’ve made up to £5,000 available per approved application, we ask that shareholder members at least match fund the sum being contributed by Office Friendly.”

The new initiative is the latest in a series of activities announced where the group is proactive at reinvesting back into member businesses. At the 2022 conference they launched an annual incentive, in partnership with VOW Wholesale, Kit4Work, where over £11,000 is being given away for business investments and in early July communicated another year where annual dividend payment is being made to shareholder members.

To find out more about the new Grant scheme or the ongoing Kit4Work incentive visit the Office Friendly website www.officefriendly.co.uk or contact the groups Business Development team bdm@officefriendly.co.uk.