17 Jan 2024
by Debbie Nice

It’s Cold Outside!

As the temperature drops again this week there is plenty of discussion about strategies to stay warm while you are working at home or in the workplace. A sensible approach to heating is essential but with the rising cost of energy and environmental considerations there is more focus on how much energy is being used and everyone is looking for additional ways to stay warm and safe.

  • In The Office – Thermostat Battles
    Getting the team to agree on a comfortable temperature in the office can be tricky as everyone has a different tolerance to cold. The temperature of the workplace falls under health and safety law, and while there is no legal minimum temperature for a workplace, employers are required to keep warmth levels 'reasonable'. Generally, the guidance suggests that this should be around 16ºC, or 13ºC where the job involves manual labour. It’s useful to encourage employee feedback and agree on a temperature that is suitable for the majority. Keeping windows and doors closed when it’s cold and asking people to wear layers may also help.
  • Keeping Warm in The Warehouse - Layers
    Several layers of thin clothing and thermals can be easier to move around in than bulky warm jackets. Most of your body heat is lost through your extremities so keep warm with hats, gloves, and good socks. Keeping doors closed where possible is an obvious solution but if you are working in an open space or using an outdoor forklift consider waterproof workwear that is designed for use in low temperatures.
  • Working At Home in Cold Weather
    Home workers can find it difficult to decide whether to heat the whole house or just the room that they are working in. Portable heaters can be a useful way of heating a single room but if using a fan heater consider the background noise for calls. Use your Smart meter to check the most efficient way of keeping warm but don’t compromise by sitting shivering – you won’t be able to concentrate if you’re too cold.
    This year’s ‘must-haves’ for home workers include heated throws, Oodies, thermal leggings and hot water bottles. Choose what works for you but make sure that you always look professional when joining your video calls.
  • Taking A Break
    Taking some exercise at lunchtime can help improve circulation and will be beneficial to both your body temperature and your mood. If it’s not too cold outside, consider wrapping up warm and getting outside in the fresh air, you’ll feel warmer when you sit back down at your desk. Making yourself a great cup of coffee or tea will give you a boost and warm you up a little – grab your favourite mug and take a break.


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