25 Oct 2023
by Liz Whyte

Do the TWIST! The new tablet and smartphone holder from DURABLE

Tired of always having a crick in your neck from video calls or watching your favourite series on your phone or tablet? With the TWIST Holders from Durable, this is now a thing of the past! Featuring a gooseneck and a ball-and-socket joint, the new tablet holders allow you to adjust the height of your mobile devices and twist and turn them however you want.

The gooseneck is particularly robust, meaning that it stays fixed in the desired position whilst remaining fully portable. If you are looking for a flexible and stable solution for shooting film, taking photos and telephoning while out and about, then we’ve got you covered! The Floor stand and the table/floor combination both come with carry bags which are easy to fold up and take with you. Turn your favourite café into a comfortable office or set up a video call with family! The clamp for the mobile device features non-slip pads for a strong hold, great protection, and a wobble-free experience. If your battery starts getting low, you can simply plug in the charging cable through the gap in the clamp. The TWIST holders are suitable for all mobile phones and tablets between 4.7” and 13” that weigh up to 800g.

In October 2023, Durable is launching three types of TWIST models: the Tablet Holder TWIST Table, the Tablet stand TWIST Floor, and the combination table/floor TWIST COMBI. They are available from specialist retailers, online shops and at durable-uk.com.

Let’s twist again! On the table…

As anyone working from home at the kitchen table will be able to testify, not all tables are suitable for working at. The TWIST Table holder makes working, Zoom calls or browsing the web using a tablet or smartphone significantly easier. The height can be adjusted to a max. of 37cm, and the flexible gooseneck and the twisting ball-and-socket joint – which can be rotated through 360 degrees – allow the holder to be ergonomically set up on any table. The stable metal table stand ensures that the holder is set up reliably and won’t scratch the surface.


…on the floor…

With its extra-long gooseneck, the TWIST Floor stand provides the same flexibility and mobility as the table holder. The solid telescopic tripod can be extended from 1.12m to 1.7m and wobble free. Folded up, the stand is 70cm high and can be transported in the carry bag supplied. This makes the TWIST Floor a very useful accessory on holidays or for hobbies such as filming videos, taking photos and watching movies.


…and then twist some more!

With the combo holder TWIST COMBI to go with your smartphone or tablet, you can work from your mobile office or enjoy watching a video wherever you are – without that crick in your neck. Simply attach the mobile device to the clamp, take it where you need it and attach it to either the floor tripod or the table stand. Everything apart from the floor plate will fit in the practical transportation bag. Portability guaranteed! The TWIST COMBI incorporates all the positive features of TABLE and FLOOR including the gooseneck and the ball-and-socket joint, making it a multifunctional accessory for use in all areas of life.