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Haybrooke Associates

Market Harborough, United Kingdom

Haybrooke: Revolutionising Print Procurement

Haybrooke is a leading innovator in the field of print procurement. With our flagship platform, PDQ Print Hub, we're reshaping how businesses source and manage their printing needs.

PDQ offers a transparent and user-friendly eBusiness hub where print buyers and sellers come together. Our platform empowers print buyers to access real-time pricing, compare quotes from a network of trusted fulfillers, and simplify their print procurement processes.

More than just a platform, Haybrooke fosters a community of collaboration and connection among our users. We're committed to sustainability, ensuring that every print job facilitated through PDQ is carbon balanced.

Welcome to Haybrooke, where innovation, transparency, and sustainability converge to shape the future of print procurement for businesses of all sizes.


  • Business Stationery
  • Envelopes
  • Print
  • Promotional print
  • Software
  • Technology

Environmental Accreditations

  • Carbon balanced print

People Accreditations

  • John Roche - Chief Executive
  • Philip Roe - Executive Director, Operations
  • Austin Coyne - Head of Print Services

Security Accreditations

  • Cyber Essentials Plus



Global offices

2.2 Mil

Total revenue


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