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BOSS is the authoritative body for the UK business supplies industry, dedicated to supporting, promoting, and protecting the sector. Representing businesses across the distribution chain, from stationery to office machines, furniture, and more, we have a wide and diverse membership, contributing significantly to the industry turnover.

Our history dates back over 100 years to 1905 when SPATA was formed to combat price cutting and establish a stable market. Over time, SPATA evolved into the Stationers' Association, broadening its role and services to members, where BOSS underwent a restructuring, resulting in the establishment of the Manufacturers, Wholesaler, and Retailer/Dealer Management Boards.

Throughout our journey, we have experienced relocations, with our current base at the St Bride Foundation on Fleet Street and an Office in Coventry and Bradford. Notably, BOSS's emphasis on industry standards, like Packs & Pers and the Industry Standard Product Classification, has become synonymous with efficient business operations.

Though our roots trace back to SPATA's mission, today, BOSS continues to represent and connect businesses along the distribution chain, aiming to shape a bright future for the industry.

We are uniquely placed to represent, educate and inspire the future generation through networking and recognition, expert Business Support, training and development, and industry thought leadership.




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