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Creating a bright future for our industry means helping our members to run their businesses well now. Which is why we’re here to support you with good HR Management.

The BOSS HR Audit is a quick, easy and (for Platinum members) free review of your current processes and procedures that gives you a clear, independent and objective list of actions to work on, so you can achieve your full potential.

The BOSS HR Adviser will take you through a series of specific detailed questions about current practices on topics such as: HR Responsibility & Personnel Records, Recruitment, Selections And Induction, Terms & Conditions Of Employment, Employee rights, Discipline At Work, Grievances, etc. The questions are based on the legal requirements and best working practices for our industry.

The audit is delivered in half a day and is followed up with a detailed report spelling out legal requirements, issues and best practice that need addressing and how to tackle them.

Anna Nudds
Anna Nudds
Head of Human Resources

Stacey Bromley
Stacey Bromley
Human Resources Adviser (South West)

020 3031 2683
Jo Haigh
Jo Haigh
Human Resources Adviser (North East)

020 7858 1215
Judith Houston
Judith Houston
Human Resources Adviser (Midlands)

020 7915 8421
Ian Dalton
Ian Dalton
HR Helpdesk Adviser

020 3031 2681

Yolandie Gibbs
Yolandie Gibbs
Regional HR Adviser (South East/Eastern)

01676 526037
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