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29 May 2020

Renz Protective Face Shield

Renz Protective Face Shield

Chr. Renz Gmbh has put its technical know-how and production expertise to good use to supply DIN EN 166 certified Protective Face Shields to aid containment of the Coronavirus as employers prepare to bring employees back into the workplace.

Initially, the Protective Face Shield was supplied extensively into the health sector. However, more recently, significant sales have been made into manufacturing, production and construction environments where staff necessarily work in close proximity with each other. The company has also seen considerable sales into patient and customer facing environments such as surgeries, care homes, retail, bakeries, hairdressing, beauticians etc. as employees begin to come back to work and the economy gradually opens up.

Importantly, the Protective Face Shield provides both the wearer and anyone in close proximity protection from air borne fluid droplets and prevents the wearer inadvertently touching their face. Worn in conjunction with a surgical mask, (which can be changed without removing the face shield) the Protective Face Shield provides the best possible protection.

The Protective Face Shield is high quality, hard wearing and lightweight. With 15mm thick forehead padding it is easy and comfortable to wear. It covers the face area (eyes, nose and mouth) extensively. The high optical quality material used to manufacture the shield is non-reflective and does not fog up. The head band is easily adjustable for a perfect fit. It also sits well under a hard hat for use in the construction industry. Importantly the shield is held far enough away from the face for glasses to be worn.

Chr. Renz GmbH, a medium-sized company from Heubach, Germany that normally specializes in manufacturing punching, binding and laminating systems, quickly set up several production lines to manufacture Protective Face Shields and within two weeks the product was officially certified to DIN EN 166. The efficient injection moulding process used in conjunction with multi-shift working has enabled Renz to manufacture in high volumes, keeping ahead of demand and with stock being available for immediate delivery.

"With our know-how, our access to suitable materials, good cooperation with various local companies and the support of flexible employees, we are able to make our contribution to help contain the corona virus", reports Raphael Barth, Managing Director of Chr. Renz GmbH.

Michael Schubert, Managing Director Sales and Marketing adds, "This begins to broaden our position as we are now supplying into a completely new business field. We have plans to introduce more personal protection products to the market, products that will help protect against the spread of bacteria or viral disease."

The development of a website for this new product range is also in progress with the products of this newly developed division being offered under the umbrella of "Renz Protective Equipment".


The full press release can be downloaded below. 


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