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We are always looking for ways to connect our members with the country's decision-makers. We think showing MPs first-hand how businesses operating within our industry work, and sharing with them our ideas for how the Government can support our industry, is the best way to ensure they're representing us in the corridors of power. 

The best way to engage your local MP is to invite them to come and visit you at your premises. If you can offer them a tour, a chance to meet staff (in other words, potential voters!), a cup of a coffee and a photo opportunity, they are more than likely to say yes!

Check out our brand new 'Meet Your MP' pack, designed especially for BOSS members, to help organise an MP's visit. It includes a template press release you can use to send to your local papers after the visit, with the MP's permission. 

Carys Davis, our Public Affairs Adviser, can help make arrangements and give you ideas for topical issues to raise during the visit. She will often be able to attend the visit as well, so do let her know if you're interested in meeting your MP!

BOSS Powerpoint Members MPs Pack
Meet your MP BOSS Members Pack - Size: 246Kb Download
Meet your MP Press release template
Meet Your MP Press Release Template BOSS - Size: 1136Kb Download
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