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The BOSS/BPIF Impact Surveys were designed to help BOSS and BPIF support businesses during the Coronavirus crisis. At a time of huge uncertainty amongst all businesses and a constantly evolving situation it has been key for BOSS and BPIF to understand specific business needs and priorities and establish which areas of business are most affected.

All business impact surveys have enabled BOSS and BPIF to hear about the impact on businesses, their employees and business plans - present and future to see where focus and lobbying efforts are required to help protect all those in our industry.

You can view the findings below.

BOSS SoS NewsReport Apr2023 - Size: 311Kb Download
BOSS SoS ChartReport Apr2023 - Size: 933Kb Download
BOSS SoS NewsReport Oct2022 - Size: 298Kb Download
BOSS SoS ChartReport Oct2022 - Size: 836Kb Download
BOSS SoS SummaryReport Apr2022 - Size: 788Kb Download
BOSS SoS SummaryReport Oct2021 - Size: 789Kb Download
BOSS SoS SummaryReport Apr2021 - Size: 850Kb Download
BOSS SoS SummaryReport Sep2020 - Size: 611Kb Download
BOSS BPIF Coronavirus Impact Survey - Summary Report April 2020 - Size: 1739Kb Download
BOSS BPIF Coronavirus Support Schemes Survey - Exec Report April 2020 - Size: 805Kb Download
BOSS BPIF Coronavirus Support Schemes Survey - Summary Report April 2020 - Size: 2849Kb Download