Leaders of the Future November Conference

Our Keynote Speaker


Keynote Speaker: Lee Warren

Lee Warren is the UK's leading Sales speaker and Business communication expert. His interactive and high-energy workshops are designed to help audiences become more compelling and confident. His workshops focus on key areas of communication: Persuasion and influence, Networking and Presenting.

Session title: ‘Connected, Confident and Compelling’.

Lee is the author of the award-winning book ‘The Busy Person’s Guide To Great Presenting’, a former sales director at several global organisations who has also been a professional magician and mind-reader, described by Prince William as ‘absolutely amazing’.

Since 2010, Lee has built on his backgrounds in sales and performance as a keynote speaker, trusted by many of the world’s leading organisations to help their people connect better, communicate better and perform at their best. Lee is the creator and lead speaker for a specialist leadership programme focused on building confidence, connection and impact which is now an integral part of leadership development at organisations including Deloitte, the NHS, and Boston Consulting Group. He’s a Fellow of The Professional Speaking Association, and a recipient of the UK’s highest accolade for professional public speaking - The Professional Speaking Award of Excellence. 

In this interactive, engaging session ‘Connected, Confident and Compelling’ we’ll navigate what it really takes to be confident, stand out, and be your best. From cultivating a network that’s not only wide but also deep and mutually beneficial through to articulating your unique value and engaging with clients and colleagues in a way that ensures you're not just heard—you're remembered. This fun, useful and thought-provoking session will give you lots of practical tips and techniques to help build your impact and influence.


Our Industry Speaker


Julie Hawley

Julie Hawley joined YPO in May 2021 as Finance Director from her previous role as Managing Director of Office Friendly, a leading buying group in office products. She previously worked for Kingfield Heath Wholesale and has over 30 years' experience in the office products industry. Julie was awarded Professional of the Year in 2018 and European Professional of The Year in 2019. Julie leads the organisation's Finance, Business Change and HR functions.


Our Skills Workshops Hosts

Helen Colton
PPS – Head of Marketing & Supplier Relations / ICM Head of business development

Skills Workshop 1: How to develop your personal branding.

Helen Colton has held various leadership roles within the industry and is well known for her quirky sense of style.  Throughout this workshop Helen will discuss how and why she developed her personal brand, the twists and turns along the way along and key lessons in life that she believes has defined the Helen we know today.

The aim of this session is to give you food for thought of how you can develop your own personal brand and the importance of bringing the real you and your life lessons into your future leadership roles.

Embarking on a dynamic professional journey, Helen initially joined Fellowes as a Retail Account Manager and seamlessly progressed within the industry to attain the role of Wholesale Channel Manager. During her tenure at Evo, Helen contributed significantly as the Group Product Marketing Director, focusing on fortifying vendor marketing strategies and maximising returns. Subsequently, she assumed the pivotal position of Marketing Director at Vow, playing a key role in shaping the VOW brand's customer proposition while actively supporting supplier initiatives.

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Helen then undertook the challenge of Business Development within Evo, with a particular emphasis on new product and category expansion, as well as recruitment efforts. Her career then led her to PPS, where Helen assumed dual responsibilities as the Head of Marketing & Supplier Relations and the ICM Head of Business Development, showcasing a versatile skill set in both marketing strategy and business growth.



Helen Colton


Darren Renshaw
Dealer Development Director, VOW Wholesale 

Darren Renshaw


Skills Workshop 2: Stakeholder Management: Up, down and sideways.

Started in the industry at Kingfield Wholesale in 1996, 27 years ago in the Specials Department. I progressed through a number of sales roles both internal and external and as the business grew and became Kingfield Heath, I progressed into a sales management role managing a team of people covering the North of England. In 2007 and after 10 years I decided the time was right to move on and I joined Antalis in the Paper Merchant arena where I spent 5 years as Sales Manager for the North and Scotland, again managing a sales team. In 2011 I joined Spicers as Regional Sales Director and as the management team and role grew, I progressed to Sales Director for my final 2 years there. I moved to VOW Wholesale in 2020 as Dealer Development Director where I am part of the Senior Management team, and my main responsibility is for the Groups.

Peter D'Amery
Sales Director - UK and Ireland, Viking UK

Skills Workshop 3: Staying true to your purpose and goals vs having the agility to change direction

Peter joined the industry in 1992 and is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of driving business growth and fostering successful teams. With a strategic mindset and a commitment to excellence, his current role as Sales Director UK and Ireland plays a pivotal role in shaping the sales landscape for Viking both domestically and across Europe.

Key Skills:

Team Building: Peter excels in building and leading high-performing teams, fostering a collaborative and motivated work environment. His leadership style emphasises teamwork, communication, and a shared commitment to achieving common goals.

Management: With a wealth of experience in sales management, Peter has a keen understanding of the dynamics of a variety of markets. He leverages this knowledge to guide his team effectively, optimise processes, and deliver outstanding results.

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Key Skills:

: Peter brings a strategic approach to marketing, aligning sales efforts with overarching marketing strategies. His ability to synthesise market trends and consumer behaviour contributes to the development and execution of successful marketing campaigns.

Strategic Thinking: Known for his open and strategic mindset, Peter navigates the complex landscape of sales and marketing with foresight. He formulates and executes plans that capitalise on market opportunities with an attention to detail, driving sustained business growth.

Personal Development Advocacy: Peter believes in the power of personal development and strives to bring out the best in himself and his team. He emphasises continuous learning, self-improvement, and a growth mindset, fostering an environment where individuals thrive.

Success Enabler: Peter is dedicated to ensuring the success of his team and colleagues. His leadership is marked by a commitment to empowering others, recognising and nurturing individual strengths, and fostering a culture of achievement.


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Ross Jones
Head of Sales, NEANZ (North & East Europe, Australia & New Zealand), Reckitt Professional

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Skills Workshop 4: Resilience when Managing Change

I have worked in B2B Sales & Marketing roles for close to 20 years including for Cleaning & Hygiene heavyweights like Diversey and, more recently, at Clorox where I was European Sales Manager from 2018-2021.

Now working as Head of Sales, NEANZ (North & East Europe, Australia & New Zealand) at Reckitt Professional, I have worked extensively with Office Supplies partners across that region over the past 3 years and helped them to adjust to the rapidly changing customer needs in the wake of the pandemic.

A father to 5 children and a Charity Director in my ‘spare time’, I consider myself to have mastered the fine art of Time Management.

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Outside of cleaning & hygiene I have also developed my career in other industries, including being a Brand Manager for a global, £30m Tableware Brand.

My experience includes working for manufacturers like Reckitt, Clorox and Diversey, but also for Distributors like Nisbets. It means that I have seen both sides of the vendor/distributor divide!