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The Writing Instruments Association (WIA) is the trade association for the UK Writing Instruments Industry.

From promoting the Writing Instruments Industry to government, public bodies and wider society, to providing a forum for exchanging ideas and information, the WIA helps its members to achieve a bright future together.

As part of the British Office Supplies & Services Federation (BOSS), WIA also operates a specialist Technical Committee that examines issues directly affecting the manufacture and distribution of Writing Instruments throughout the UK.

The object and purpose of the association is to:

  • foster and promote the interests of the Writing Instruments Industry,
  • increase the use of its products,
  • collect and disseminate pertinent information relating to the industry,
  • represent the industry's view to government and public bodies,
  • promote good public relations,
  • do all things necessary and proper for the development of the industry.

The WIA adopts codes of practise to ensure the highest standards of conduct within the industry, including ensuring the safety of writing instruments. It also publishes a bi-annual handbook, exclusive to members, containing standards, legal and safety requirements for manufacturers and importers of writing instruments.



WIA membership is open to all UK Manufacturers of Writing Instruments such as pens, ballpoints, pencils, makers and mechanical pencils; those companies that assemble writing instruments in the UK for sale in the UK; and distributors of writing instruments, excluding retailers and wholesalers.

For more information please contact:
Liz Whyte
Liz Whyte
BOSS Administration Manager
01924 203 338
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