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New product launches are the lifeblood of the growth of the Business Supplies industry and speed to market and breadth of adoption are key to their success. Vendors have always been asked by resellers and wholesalers to supply data in a variety of different formats to support the launch of their new products so that those products can be then listed in catalogues or online. That work can be time consuming and costly and frustrating for the vendors as they are just repeating the same data provision process but in different ways.

As a result of their work the BOSS Standard Data UniForm was created and is now ready to be used. Please download it here - it is free to use. Updates will be loaded as changes are made; the current version is 5.3 so please visit our site regularly to ensure the use of the latest version.

If you have any questions about how to use the form or suggestions for amendments or additions for the BOSS Synergy Standards committee to consider, please email Philip Lawson at [email protected] or phone him on 07525 648013.



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