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Business Development Specialist Services

Business development support services are designed to help increase profitability and improve quality and procesess of your business. Click on the links below for further information.

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Sales & Marketing Healthcheck

The BOSS Federation Sales and Marketing Healthcheck offers a clear, concise and independent view of your sales and marketing activities. Clients using this healthcheck receive a written report showing the areas of strength and the areas requiring improvement along with practical steps to ensure they make the most of future developments.


Growing through Acquisition, Merger, Alliance or Joint venture

Growing your printing and packaging business – through acquisition, merger, alliance or joint venture – can give you that all-important competitive edge, helping you to stay one step ahead of your rivals. It can also help to protect your company’s future and enhance its prospects for wealth creation.


Website Design and Build

Most printing and packaging companies now recognise the importance of a good website to distinguish and grow their businesses. A well designed, fully functional website that makes it simple to do business with you is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. When did you last look critically at the design of your website? Does it still fulfil your marketing and business needs? Perhaps you have problems with your current website or provider, or maybe you would like to promote your business by setting up a brand new site?


Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Support

Approximately 60% of a printer’s cost of sales is in materials, consumables and services. Purchasing management is thus vital to controlling costs and boosting profits and yet purchasing is seldom seen as a core activity for many printers. As customers demand lower prices and improved levels of service, printers must change their approach in order to find new ways of working with their suppliers to minimise their costs. In this highly competitive printing environment only the lowest cost producers will survive in the longer term.



Business Planning and Implementation

Business planning is not just for start-ups, when you need to refinance or when you want to sell the company. More and more printers, of all sizes, are using business planning as a means to manage growth better, to build a stronger team and to ensure that new ideas have been thoroughly assessed for commercial viability.


Preparing Your Business For Sale

Are you thinking of selling your business at any time within the next five years? If the answer is ‘yes', or even just ‘perhaps - as long as the price is right', then you'll need to start preparing now. Lack of preparation is the main reason why 70% of businesses advertised for sale, fail to sell.

Even if you're not thinking of selling, it's good commercial practice to run your company as if it were for sale - this will help improve performance and results and mean that you'll be ready to respond should a potential purchaser make an unsolicited approach to buy it.


Factory Layout and Planning

BOSS Federation Business offer expert advice and support on factory planning for members who are moving premises or whose business space requirements have changed. Members have used the layouts and our recommendations to make strategic, financial or logistical decisions that are critical to the future of their organisations. In one case a member estimates that we helped them save around £175,000


Cost Rate Review Service

The Cost Rate Review service from BOSS Federation Specialist Services is offered to help members gain greater understanding of their costs and to support better management of their businesses. By having up-to-date and accurate cost rates in your Management Information System you will be able to price jobs for profit and understand how to manage your costs and workflow better.


Business Continuity Planning

The Business Continuity Planning service from BOSS Federation Business is offered to help printers plan effectively to cope with disasters. Printers have used this support service to satisfy their need for risk management and recovery planning. Such plans are also an increasingly important requirement for insurers and professional print buyers.


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