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Cost Rate Review Service

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The Cost Rate Review service from BOSS Federation Specialist Services is offered to help members gain greater understanding of their costs and to support better management of their businesses. By having up-to-date and accurate cost rates in your Management Information System you will be able to price jobs for profit and understand how to manage your costs and workflow better.

Getting these fundamentals right is the cornerstone of creating a sustainable, growing and profitable printing business.

A specialist BOSS Federation cost rate expert can:

  • Calculate your organisation’s cost centre rates
  • Construct a spreadsheet model for cost rates which can be fed into your MIS and used for budgeting purposes and which you can easily update yourself as your business needs change
  • Benchmark your cost rates, financial procedures and performance against industry best practice

Each programme is designed specifically to meet your company’s needs and can include the full range of systems and people support and advice across all Standards areas.

For more information please call 01924 203335 or email [email protected]


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Download Cost Rate Review Service FAB sheet - 34Kb

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