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WIA - Writing Instruments AssociationThe Writing Instruments Association (WIA) is the trade association for the UK Writing Instruments Industry. Promoting that industry, it provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Via its specialist Technical Committee, it examines a number of issues that directly affect the manufacture and distribution of Writing Instruments throughout the UK. It is part of The British Office Supplies & Services Federation (BOSS).

The object and purpose of the association is to:

-foster and promote the interests of the Writing Instruments Industry,
-increase the use of its products,
-collect and disseminate pertinent information relating to the industry,
-represent the industries view to government and public bodies,
-promote good public relations
-do all things necessary and proper for the development of the industry.

Over the past few years there has been an increasing pressure on the Writing Instruments Industry, most of this associated with the safety of writing instruments. 1974 saw the introduction of standards to control toxic heavy metals used in pencils and graphic instruments. Subsequently there have been EC directives, national legislation and British Standards, as well as voluntary codes of practice adopted by EWIMA and WIA, all of which have a bearing in the conduct of the day to day within the industry.

At the national level, in addition to its social and business meetings and the detailed work of its technical committee, the WIA publishes a bi-annual Handbook of standards, legal and safety requirements. The publication, which is only available to member companies, attempts to list pertinent legal and standards related requirements which govern the business activities of manufacturers and importers of writing instruments.


The membership of the WIA is open to all UK Manufacturers of Writing Instruments such as pens, ballpoints, pencils, makers and mechanical pencils; those companies that assemble writing instruments in the UK for sale in the UK; and distributors of writing instruments, excluding retailers and wholesalers.

Further details are available from [email protected].

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