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Kensington eliminates the pain points of hot-desking strategies for profitable employee wellbeing

Kensington eliminates the pain points of hot-desking strategies for profitable employee wellbeing back to list

25 March 2019

As we approach Q1, many business leaders will be evaluating the performance of their company – and employees - over the past 12 months, and considering what changes to implement in the new financial year.  At the same time, interest in health and fitness has never been higher, with healthy habits and lifestyles high on people’s agenda for 2019.
Employers are attracting and retaining staff with modern offices and amenities, including ergonomically designed furnishings and accessories that foster health and wellness in the workplace. It has also become clear that active, healthy employees are more productive, more reliable and more satisfied in their careers.
So, it's only natural that this attention to health and wellness should be considered by all organisations that want to make positive changes in the new financial year, making it an opportune moment for office product resellers to present Kensington’s workplace ergonomic and wellness solutions.
The extensive portfolio of Kensington’s award winning products accommodates all types of work settings. It recognises the changing nature of workplaces, which are becoming more flexible every day thanks to hot-desking, home offices, etc.
A 2018 research paper by Kensington, “Hot desking: How to maximise the benefits in the enterprise,” illustrates the challenges businesses face due to flexible working environments and shows how using innovative solutions can help enterprises overcome these hurdles. With Kensington’s SmartFit® sit/stand desks, workstations and universal docking stations, flexible working strategies can also harness productivity, and allow employees to be confident and comfortable as they live and work in harmony with the latest devices.
The paper reports that four out of five businesses have a hot desking strategy, and 50% of desks will be ‘hot’ in five years’ time. But research reveals the main concern to transitioning to hot-desking is technology limitations, most notably connectivity capacity, as 70% of firms have a variety of brands and laptop models to accommodate.  Kensington offers a solution, ensuring that no compromises are made to desktop productivity. Kensington’s Universal Docking Station offers both USB-C™ and USB 3.0 connectivity in one dock. Even in remote working environments that have multiple laptop users with different requirements, the device will allow users to share a single, hybrid docking station.
Kensington’s range of ergonomic and wellness products also helps to eliminate concern over transitioning to a hot-desking strategy. Ergonomic solutions can bring peace of mind to employees who can work in maximum comfort wherever they end up, but it also gives employers comfort in knowing their equipment fosters productivity and wellbeing.
Kensington's state of the art SmartFit® system lets each individual quickly and easily customise their work environment. The SmartFit hand measurement chart makes this possible. Users simply place their hand on the baseline of the hand chart, and the tip of the middle finger indicates their SmartFit colour. All the user needs to do is adjust the product to the correct SmartFit colour setting to achieve accurate adjustments and maximum comfort. Products from the range encourage correct posture; promote healthy back, legs, knees and ankles, as well as help fight fatigue.
Kensington’s SmartFit® Sit/Stand desk is a star product from the range.  The desk allows employees to measure, adjust and fit the workstation’s pneumatic lift to the ideal comfort position and smoothly transitions the workstation from sitting to standing through a simple ‘quick release’ handle, perfect for flexible working environments.
Results from the research paper confirm that the top pain point of hot-desking is ergonomics. In other words, individuals desire furniture set up to their own preferences. Meanwhile, 80% of respondents found technology limitations, especially hot desking connectivity, to be a top challenge.  These results highlight the big opportunity for resellers to push the right products in line with these sought after solutions for connectivity and health & wellbeing.
As adoption of flexible working environments such as hot desking spirals, dealers’ focus should be on the products that support business implementation.

To read the full whitepaper, ‘Hot desking – How to maximise the benefits in the enterprise’, click here
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