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The BOSS Federation Climate Change Levy Reduction Scheme<!--bfy-->

What's the scheme about?

All UK companies have had a levy imposed on their energy bills since 2001, which has usually been increased each year by the rate of inflation. Since 2001 energy intensive industries such as printing have been allowed to claim a discount from the levy in return for commitments to improve energy efficiency.
The second phase of the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) Scheme started in January 2013 with new entrants being able to join from 1st April 2013. The current Climate Change Levy (CCL) charge is 0.554 pence per kWh on Electricity and 0.193 pence per kWh on Gas with the maximum discounts available being 90% on Electricity and 65% on Gas.

How does it work?

To take part in this voluntary scheme a site needs to enter into a CCA with the government and submit data every two years via their industry trade association.
As a voluntary scheme a site can leave any time it wishes with no penalty.

What are the benefits?

The financial benefits are as follows and depend on energy usage:

Annual Electricity Usage

Annual Site Usage

Annual Site Saving


1,000,000 kWh
2,000,000 kWh
3,000,000 kWh

Gas 500,000 kWh
1,000,000 kWh
3,000,000 kWh

The BOSS Federation administers the scheme on behalf of the site, undertaking site visits to explain the requirements, checking the eligibility forms and targets and reporting a sites results every two years.

Sites with a CCA are also exempt from the governments costly CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Next Steps

There is a charge for the scheme from the BOSS Federation and the government. The BOSS Federation charge varies depending on turnover and whether the company is a member, but starts at £1,000 per year. The government charges £185 per year, which the BOSS Federation collects on your behalf.

So if a site is saving more than the administration fee it makes sense to join the scheme.

For further details please contact Steve Walker the BOSS Federation's CCA Manager, on 01676 526050, or email [email protected]

Downloads & Links

Download The New Climate Change Levy Scheme 2013 to 2023 2 - 37Kb
Download 13. GP 3 8 Accounting for Renewables July 2012 - 144Kb
Download 14. GP 3 9 Accounting for Primary Energy July 2012 - 47Kb
Download 12. GP 3 7 Accounting for CHP July 2012 - 229Kb
Download 11. GP 3 5 Conversion Factors and Procedures July 2012 - 46Kb
Download 10. GP 2 5 Applying the Bubbling Rules July 2012 - 47Kb
Download 8. 7307 cca draft technical guidance - 225Kb
Download 9. GP 2 3 Applying the 70 rule July 2012 - 73Kb
Download Example Supplier Forms 2013 Gas - 58Kb
Download 6. Example Supplier Forms 2013 Elec - 58Kb
Download 7. CCA IT User Guidance v1 0 - 813Kb
Download FEF Example New Co - 79Kb
Download Blank Supplier Certificate - 31Kb
Download Blank Supporting Analysis Form - 45Kb
Download Facility Eligibility Form - 96Kb

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