Synergy Data Group
Interview with Chris Anstey

BOSS spoke to Chris Anstey, Chair of the BOSS Synergy Group.

What do you see the main purpose of the Synergy Group being?

The Boss Synergy Committee work to define and maintain data standards to benefit the industry. Embracing single standards avoids the proliferation of multiple way of supplying product data, vastly improving accuracy, efficiency and cost of sales.

Could you tell us a bit about the Groups history and its previous impact on the industry?

Originally in the 1990,s there was a Boss Technical committee and a Standards committee, these were combined about 12 years ago and subsequently re-branded and named Synergy. The electronic trading standard, OPXML has been widely used for close on 20 years. The BOSS classification ISPC (Industry Standard Product Classification) is in wide use especially in sales and gap analysis.

What do you see as the biggest challenge to smooth flowing data in the industry?

Persuading enough players in the industry to embrace the standards and stop developing their own proprietary systems outside the BOSS standards. We all need to work together to harmonise data for everyone's benefit.

What's is on the Groups agenda for 2020?

We need to educate manufacturers and suppliers that holding and distributing a full set of data on their products, environmental, dimensional and marketing is no longer optional. We then need to get sufficient "buy-in" from the traditional Office Products Industry to make it an obvious choice for new entrants to the market to embrace.

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