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Leaders of the Future

Leaders of the Future are a group of individuals from Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Dealers who all want to have an impact on the industry. Their aim is to empower future leaders to believe they can achieve anything they set out to, and provide the support along the way.

Their mission statement is ‘Leading, Guiding, Connecting, Shaping’.

They are striving to bring together individuals from all channels in the industry to form a dynamic network who can share ideas, facilitate connections and learn from one another.

They want to ensure that the industry attracts the best talent and that talent is able to flourish. Leaders of the Future provides induction training to new entrants to the industry and also runs events to allow individuals to form strong networks within our industry.

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  • BOSS Environmental Forum This group aims to define what the industry considers single use plastic packaging to be, in transit packaging and for products.
  • Synergy Data Group This group is working to improve the way the members of the industry do business with both each other and with the end user by actively promoting and developing data standards and product group classifications.
  • Manufacturers Forum An established group of manufacturers who meet regularly to discuss collaboration on issues, the market conditions and the state of trade from a manufacturing perspective.
  • Resellers Forum There are two groups of resellers (North and South) who meet regularly to discuss industry issues, opportunities and the state of trade for their sector.
  • Rubber Stamp Manufacturers Guild As the trade association for the rubber stamp and associated marking devices industry, RSMG is the place to network and exchange ideas with others in the industry.
  • Writing Instruments Association (Write 4 Life) The Writing Instruments Association (WIA) is the trade association for the UK Writing Instruments Industry.
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