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EazyStock is a powerful inventory optimisation tool that helps manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers take control of their inventory, lower operating costs and automate replenishment.

The affordable, cloud-based software integrates seamlessly with existing business systems to enhance inventory management functionality.

EazyStock is designed to optimise your stock levels, so you always have enough inventory to meet customer demand, without over-investment. With EazyStock's easy-to-use tools you can optimise your:

  • Demand forecasting - automatically factoring in seasonality, trends and promotions.
  • Inventory levels - so you hold the right inventory to fulfil customer demand, without overstocking.
  • Replenishment - by ditching the spreadsheets and automating reordering calculations and activity, for improved efficiency.

Our UK-based customer success team works closely with our customers so they can feel at ease with their new software and begin to see its benefits within weeks of implementation.

EazyStock typically reduces stock levels by over 20%, freeing-up capital and reducing the risk of excess and obsolete items in your warehouse. At the same time, stock outs become a thing of the past with service levels of at least 95%.

For more information call 0121 312 2992 or visit

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