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BOSS Federation has added its buying power to that of the BPIF Federation to provide BOSS members with savings on RAC Business breakdown cover.

By acknowledging the potential of the two Federations the RAC have been able to reduce prices.

Service Price
Select Premier
Roadside, At Home, Recovery
Select Premier Plus 1
Roadside, At home, Recovery
(1 onward days travel)
European Cover £95


Whats Included
RAC Cover
At Home
Onward Travel
Accident Support
Details of cover:
  • Roadside - An essential part of the RAC's breakdown service. If one of your drivers breaks down RAC provides a fast and reliable service to get them mobile again. If the vehicle can't be repaired at the roadside, it will be towed to a local garage.
  • At Home - RAC will attend breakdowns at your driver's home or office. If the problem can't be fixed on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to a local garage.
  • Recovery - If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, RAC will take it, the driver and up to seven people to any destination in mainland UK in one uninterrupted journey.
  • Onward Travel - If a vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside or is immobilised, Onward Travel ensures your driver can continue their journey by organising rail travel, a hire car or overnight accommodation.
  • Accident Support - Select now offers complimentary access to RAC's award winning Accident Support. If one of your drivers is involved in an accident, RAC helps to lighten the administrative load, by arranging for the vehicle to be recovered to one of their approved repairers, recording the details of the accident accurately and providing documentation to assist in pursuing insurance/any other claims you may be eligible for. In the case of a non fault accident a courtesy vehicle will be provided for the duration of the repair.
For more information please contact:
Steve Walker
Steve Walker
Commercial Products Manager

01676 526 050

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