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Product Type Specific Attributes

The aim of the BOSS Standards and Technical Committee is to ensure that "data communication standards" including ISPC's, packs and pers, standard abbreviations for units of measure, dimensions and colour, industry product classification, trade specific universal part numbering system, pack formats, packaging and box formats, pallet specifications, attributes and any other industry standards are classified in a way that makes the Office Products Industry as efficient as possible.

Members of the Committee are drawn from manufacturers, wholesalers, contract stationers, dealer groups and service providers. The work they do makes the information supplied to you, the production of catalogues, the indexing of products and the ease of access to find products, as well as the classification of new products, as simple and as straightforward as possible for everyone involved in the industry.

In recent months the Committee has been working on product specific attributes and e-commerce data requirement.

Most office products dealers now have an internet site and for many this is now the single most important sales tool. To maximise the effectiveness of an e-commerce site, the product data must be of good quality and work seamlessly with the functionality of the site. The BOSS Standards and Technical Committee have been working to define product data formats and standards that take full account of the requirements of the internet. This will enable data providers and software houses to produce, load and display data in a common format and will make it much easier for smaller e-commerce solution providers to offer an excellent end user experience.

The BOSS Product Type Standard Attribute File has been developed for this reason by Fusion Plus under the direction of the BOSS Standards and Technical Committee. We appreciate the input from David Brown and the Standards and Technical Committee and would like your feedback on these attributes.

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