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Product Setup Form

This form is designed to assist manufacturers and suppliers to make their product details available to their customers. It covers all marketing, logistical and dimensional requirements as well as statutory and environmental data. Very few products will require all the fields to be populated. Those which are mandatory are clearly marked as such.

The file contains 3 tabs:

  • Data Form Vertical - This is designed to be completed manually, many of the cells have character number limits or have selectable values from a drop down list, ie: "Country of Origin". The notes column lists additional guidance and in the case of the EC Commodity Code contains a hyperlink to download the file from the BOSS website.
  • Data Form Horizontal - This is designed for semi automatic data population when larger numbers of products are being posted, possibly using the Vlookup function. The character limits and drop downs are still present but none of the cells are locked so these can be deleted if necessary.
  • Input value lists - No action is required

It is very important that the Field ID is not altered as receivers of data will use this to load the information into their systems.

Uniform can be downloaded here.

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