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There are new rules for businesses from 1 January 2021.

Brexit Bulletin - April 2021
While calling it ‘a historic mistake', the EU parliament voted to ratify the UK-EU trade deal
Brexit Bulletin – March 2021
As March draws to a close, talks between UK and EU officials on the Northern Ireland Protocol have been taking place.
Brexit Bulletin – February 2021
The loss of the Single Market and Customs Union is now firmly bedding in, with so-called ‘teething problems’ (according to Government) being experienced far and wide.
Brexit Bulletin – January 2021
Welcome to your January 2021 Brexit Bulletin. The UK has finally left the Single Market and Customs Union, so there have been many changes afoot.
Brexit Bulletin – November 2020
EU lead negotiator Michel Barnier emerged from his COVID-enforced isolation on the weekend, reassuring MEPs that he's ready for another week of trade talks.
Brexit Bulletin – October 2020
EU/UK negotiations were extended this month as tensions continued to rise.
Brexit Bulletin – September 2020
The pace continues to quicken, with less than 100 days to go until the end of the Transition Period...
Brexit Bulletin – August 2020
While we hope you’ve managed to take a holiday, we’ve been busy as usual pulling together all the relevant Brexit information.
Brexit Bulletin – July 2020
With lockdown lifting a little and the Transition Period looming ever-nearer, Brexit is certainly back on the agenda. So much so that we’ve got a bumper Bulletin for you...
Brexit Bulletin – May/June 2020
It’s all over for the ‘hybrid Parliament’ this week as MPs are expected to return to the House of Commons. For the Brexit negotiation teams, the next round of talks begin this week too.
Brexit Bulletin – 30 April 2020
While the country is in lockdown, difficult negotiations continue between the UK and Brussels - and the Government remains insistent on a 31 December end to the Transition Period.
Brexit Bulletin – April 2020
Attention is certainly focused elsewhere, but talks continue on the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.
Brexit Bulletin - January 2020
This month's BOSS Brexit Bulletin is slightly earlier than usual, to keep you updated well in advance of the Big Day on 31 January.
Brexit Withdrawal Agreement - Northern Ireland perspective
The latest Brexit deal will take the UK out of the EU on Friday 31 January - what does this mean for Northern Ireland?
Brexit Bulletin - December 2019
With the Conservatives winning the December 13 election, with a majority of 80 seats, it’s almost certain that Britain will leave the EU on January 31.
Brexit Bulletin - November/December 2019
This month’s edition is a little lighter than usual – with the General Election most definitely on, there’s been little Brexit information coming from Government or elsewhere.
Brexit Bulletin – October 2019
Yesterday was the day we were due to leave the EU but, we are moving into a ‘flextension’ period granted by our European friends.
Brexit Update – 22 October 2019
With ten days to go until the UK is due to leave the EU, and our next Brexit Bulletin out next week, today's email is designed to update you on the weekend's tumultuous events.
Brexit Bulletin – September 2019
Welcome to the September 2019 edition of the BOSS Brexit Bulletin. With just a month to go, uncertainty remains very much the status quo. Despite that, we've got our usual mix of practical guidance and information from the industry and beyond.
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