BOSS Awards 2024

Outstanding Team of the Year

How do you enter?

Nominate a team or enter a team you are part of.

Who is this award for?

This award is for the team that has worked together effectively and efficiently to improve the service/product that they offer to customers or colleagues.

The definition of a team is two or more colleagues that share the same goals, in either their day-to-day work or on a particular project.

This award will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Successful team work and joint learning
  • Demonstrating mutual respect among team members
  • Have agreed effective and clear responsibilities and roles and a common set of core values and standards along with a sense of purpose
  • Have demonstrably proved that the teams original objectives/target have been surpassed
  • In working together have clearly embedded a culture where knowledge, information and learning can be shared

What should your submission include?

  • Use the enter now button below and answer the questions asked. 
  • If relevant upload supporting evidence demonstrating the above criteria (financial or anecdotal), a picture of your team! 
  • 3 references from the industry (at least one must be external to the individuals company)

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