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Virtual BOSS SUP Group meeting
Virtual BOSS SUP Group meeting
When and Where
For more information please contact:
Liz Whyte
Liz Whyte
01924 203 338

A full meeting of the BOSS SUP group will take place on 10th June 2020.

The Single Use Plastic Forum was formed in 2018

Their aims are to:

  • Define what the industry considers single use plastic packaging to be, in transit packaging and for products
  • Educate themselves and others on information and issues relating to this area of public concern
  • Standardise where possible to allow for common data gathering and reporting and liaising with the BOSS Synergy Standards committee on what and how to record data
  • Improving by encouraging compliance with agreed best practice
  • Lobbying by using industry and government contacts to influence both legislation and the industry as a whole. Publicizing the positive developments within the industry.

All BOSS members are welcome to take part in meetings. To get involved, email [email protected]

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